About Us

About Bronx Dumpster Rental

Our company was founded in the glory days of the 00’s when the dumpster rental market in the New York City area was a Wild West of high rates and poor quality service. We endeavored to shake up the industry spark some competition by offering premium dumpsters at rates that fell below the industry average. All we had to do was find some willing and dedicated people to come along with us to form a great dumpster rental company right here in the Bronx. We currently employ over a dozen people who work every day of the week to provide local residents and businesses with the right dumpsters for their projects.

Some of the most common projects our dumpsters are used for include home remodels, renovations, home cleanouts, landscaping, and building construction. Residential projects are especially popular with our dumpster rentals. We typically park our dumpsters on the street adjacent to the property in question, but this does require a permit from city hall. With other properties we will drop off the dumpster in a parking lot or any another open area. Our dumpsters can only be kept on pavement, no loose soil or dirt. But it usually isn’t a problem to find an available spot on any given work site or property.

Experience the Difference with Bronx Dumpster Rental

  • Our services are available for both residential and commercial use
  • No cleanup project is too small or too big for our containers
  • Rent as many dumpsters as you require
  • Our service team is available to help eleven hours a day, five days a week
  • Keep any of your dumpsters for up to 10 days or longer!

Since we started this business, we’ve made it our annual goal to become even better at what we do. Now, we aren’t just talking about increasing our dumpster rental offerings or keeping our phone lines open for more hours each day. We are talking about working to maintain our low prices, as well as lowering them. We spend every day working behind the scenes to get lower disposal rates with local businesses so that our customers can spend just a little less on their dumpster rentals than they have in the past. And this is an ongoing process that will last for as long as we are in business.

Lower prices are just one aspect of our business that we are continuously improving. When it comes to our customer service team, we employ only the best and most professional representatives. Each of our customer service members have extensive experience working with customers seeking waste management services. Working with regular customers in the Bronx area is a source of pride for many of our customer service reps. And they spend a great deal of time getting to know each customer so that the next time they call they know exactly what kind of disposal service they are going to need. So why not work with a company that wants to get to know you? Just give us a call today!